For quick reference, below is a listing of all major characters and song effects appearing in CD ONE.


MICHAEL KAY – A good-hearted Music Master and founder of the new Audio Knights.  He’s known for his famous grin and big hair.  His music of choice is 70’s disco, which he’s been enamored with almost all his life.

Michael album rework

CANNED HEAT – JAMIROQUAI – This song effect allows Michael to channel red-hot heat energy in his hands and heels.

YMCA – VILLAGE PEOPLE – This song effect creates a towering, YMCA-esque Sentonal that fights under Michael’s mental command.

DANCING MACHINE – JACKSON 5 – This song effect turns Michael into a silver-faceted, disco ball-headed robot.  He loses the ability to speak, but his natural dancing skills are elevated to superhuman levels.

STARLIGHT – THE SUPERMEN LOVERS – This song effect creates a silver-teal compact disc that Michael can ride and fly upon.

KIM RAMONE – Michael’s first friend in the world of Music Masters and impromptu mentor.  Disagreeable and toxic, most people stay away from Kim and she definitely prefers it that way.  She specializes in punk rock music.

Kim textless 1

DESOLATION ROW – MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE -This song effect shrouds Kim in an aura that produces purple darkforce claws, which enhanced strength, speed and durability at the cost of increased emotional distress.

WALKING DISASTER – SUM 41 – This song effect creates multiple clawed “hydra-arms” which rip and tear at enemies to defend Kim, though they are animalistic and will attack anything in sight unless controlled by Kim.

BLITZKRIEG BOP – THE RAMONES – This song effect creates an inhumanely strong, towering, mohawk-wearing skeleton Sentonal with a Panzer tank cannon for an arm.

SUPERMAN – GOLDFINGER – This song effect allows Kim to turn objects into superhard gold replicas by touch.

FAT LIP – SUM 41 – This song effect creates a watery, liquid prison on those Kim can immediately perceive.  The prison is a sensory illusion, but it will remain as long as Kim can see her target.

AERIS FAIRFIELD – A country girl from Texas, who works at Audio Empire and recently moved to New York City.  Down to earth and kind, she is often the voice of reason among Michael’s obliviousness, Kim’s bad attitude, and Calvin’s one-liners.  She uses country and rock music.

Aeris album rework

THIS FRAGILE BREATH – TODD AGNEW – This song effect can channel deadly silver-blue lighting through Aeris’s fingertips.  However, she is not immune to the effects.  The gloves she wears hides the scars she received from first using this song effect, and protect her from further harm.

ANGEL IN THE MORNING – OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN – This song effect sprouts crystal-blue angel wings from Aeris’s back, allowing her atmospheric flight.

HEART OF GOLD – NEIL YOUNG – This song effect forms golden vines from Aeris’s hands that can heal injuries, though more serious injuries take significant time to repair.

SCIENCE AND FAITH – THE SCRIPT – This song effect creates a clockwork sword and indestructible shield that Aeris can fight with.  While powerful, both armaments become useless if at any point they’re separated.

STROKER ACE – CHARLIE DANIELS BAND – This song effect creates a car Sentonal that is completely impervious to all harm as long as Aeris is inside it.  Surprisingly intelligent and emotive, it can drive itself and is capable of complex, daredevil maneuvers.

CALVIN ALTBERG – A shifty rogue who squeezes his way into Michael’s new group of friends.  He has the hots for Aeris and has earned all of Kim’s contempt.  He uses electronica music.  Calvin is also the lost son of the PureBeats, a famous aristocratic family of Music Masters that advocates purity of bloodline and perfection in song effects.

Calvin album rework

HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER – DAFT PUNK – This song effect creates neon two-dimensional squares that Calvin can launch as projectiles.  They also buzz around him like a swarm of insects, defending him and lashing out when needed.

GENESIS – JUSTICE – This song effect turns Calvin into a monstrous, Godzilla-like creature, which grants him superhuman strength, resilience and the ability to fire neon beams of energy from his mouth.  In exchange, he loses human intelligence and reason.

WE COME TOGETHER – GOLDFISH – This song effect allows Calvin to turn into particulate 8-bit parts and alter his physical structure.  In this form, he can dissemble and assemble at well, as if made of digital data.

ANGEL IN THE NIGHT – BASSHUNTER – This song effect turns Calvin into a neon red and yellow android, which cannot speak but is capable of powerful energy blasts and self-propelled flight.

MOVE YOUR FEET – JUNIOR SENIOR – This song effect has a unique effect: it chooses a nearby host to fuse the user with.  In this particular case, it fuses Calvin and Michael into one being that can combine elements of their song effects in battle.  In this new form, they share consciousness and can experience each other’s thoughts and memories.

HELIA – Low-ranking member of Zero Beat, Helia is a particularly foul-mouthed individual who enjoys antagonizing others for no reason.  She is Renaldo’s supposed “trainer”, but she mostly uses her authority over him to emasculate him and generally feel superior.  Helia has developed a particular distaste for Kim Ramone, having been beaten by her in their first encounter during her days as a First Beat.

Helia album rework

THE COBRA’S HOOD – BUCKETHEAD – This song effect creates large, green balefire cobras that fight on Helia’s behalf.  Though they are made of flames, Helia can control their intensity, from lukewarm to searing hot.  They are only manifested when vomited forth from her mouth, usually sparking out of the embers of her many cigarettes.

OVERLOADED – BUMBLEFOOT – This song effect charges Helia with white, crackling energy that empowers her physical attributes.  Under the influence of this song effect, she becomes faster, stronger and more durable, but the longer she uses this song, the more of debilitating effect it will have on her body afterwards.  Unlike many song effects, this particular song will loop itself if the user wills it.  However, if used for too long without pause, it can render her unconscious and even cause lethal damage.

RENALDO – A First Beat who is Helia’s newly assigned protege in Zero Beat.  Not only is Renaldo a newbie Music Master, but he’s also a huge coward.  He has yet to build up the courage to stand up to Helia, despite part of him knowing that she often purposely antagonizes him for her own pleasure.

Renaldo album rework

SEX BOMB – TOM JONES – This song creates a spindly Sentonal that looks akin to a 1920’s era cartoon character.  Wearing a tuxedo and possessing a massive anthropomorphic bomb as a head, the Big Bomb Balladeer, as Renaldo has coined it, can pull of its own head and throw it as a projectile to ignite in dangerously powerful explosions.  Even more deadly, its head will grow right back, though there is a charging time before it can unleash fiery death again.

ROB PROTOTYPE – the original founder of the three-piece group of renegade Music Masters known as the Audio Knights.  Rob is a Trackmaster-level Music Master who is Synkronized with his preferred instrument, the bass guitar.  He’s a patient and aloof individual, and often his motivations are a mystery.  One thing is always clear with him: he’ll protect his family as long as he draws breath.

Rob album rework

TRAVELLING WITHOUT MOVING – JAMIROQUAI – This song effect allows Rob to translocate to any location he has previously seen.  He can do this instantaneously, leaving fading gold and green threads of energy as the only sign he was previously there.

BASS OF SPACE – XAVIER FISCHER TRIO – This song effect summons a robotic, bass-cannon wielding Sentonal that fights for Rob.  The robot is fast, versatile, and powerful: its bass-cannon fires waves of vibrational force capable of pulverizing enemy Sentonals and Music Masters alike.

I GOT THE – LABI SIFFRE – This song effect can absorb kinetic energy through Rob’s bass guitar, turning it into a nigh indestructible conduit for said energy.  Once enough is stored, he can swing it back at his opponents with devastating effectiveness.

NAMI NAGATAKI – A Japanese girl who spends her days beating people at rhythm games.  A bratty sore loser, she is skilled as a Music Master but is also extremely impatient.  She and her brother are tasked with locating and capturing Rob Prototype in America, in hope that their sizable debts can be paid in the process.

Nami album rework

HYPER EUROBEAT – NAOKI MAEDA FT. DRR ALLSTARS – This song effect creates what essentially are deadly rhythm game arrows.  They occupy realspace and are akin to the size of small missiles.  Each one is controlled and directed through Nami’s steps and movements, and they are capable of impaling human beings and shredding through most matter softer than concrete.

SWEET SURVIVOR – NONA REEVES – This song effect creates a Sentonal which floats behind Nami and fights on her behalf.  It can become partially intangible and it a powerful fighter, able to assail its enemies with flurries of punches.  It can also split itself into seven identical Sentonals, each of which takes on a color of the visual spectrum and fight at a portion of the original’s power.

ONE NIGHT – DJ DOC – This song effect creates a silver, Venus symbol object. Its true effect is currently unknown.

NIHON NO MIKATA – YAZIMA BEAUTY SALON –  This song effect transforms Nami into a sterile white robot that fights with wrist-kitana gauntlets.  It is durable, strong and quick, but in this form Nami reverts to a one-track thought process, and she becomes extremely hard to communicate with.

ARASHI NAGATAKI – A rising Music Master who, along with his sister Nami, is based in Akihabara, Tokyo.  He rarely shows emotion, and is an expert strategist who knows exactly how to play to his sister’s strengths.  He personally murdered a high-ranking member of the Ensemble God Symphony after they threatened to strong arm his sister into joining their organization, and Arashi has been hyperprotective of Nami ever since.

Arashi album rework

ULTRASOUL – B’Z – This song  effect transforms Arashi into an orange tokusatsu hero, giving him incredible strength, speed and durability.  The song has no discernable weakness, beyond the fact that Arashi’s headphones are exposed in this form and can be destroyed with ease.

CONCEPT OF LOVE – HIDEKI NAGANUMA –  This song effect creates red graffiti heart-shaped Sentonals that can shift from a 2D spray paint form to full three-dimensional existence.  They can pull matter, living or not, into the wall with them, dematerializing it out of reality.  They behave like primates, with limited intelligence beyond listening to Arashi’s mental commands and stealing whatever they can get their red fingers on.

AYLA SYNTARA – A rogue Music Master who is completely insane and thrives on fear and violence.  She once ran a depraved carnival troupe years ago, and by chance ran into Kim brother’s Seth Ramone on more than one occasion.  Without provocation, she used one of her song effects to kill him, simply because she felt like it.  Years later, she still watches Kim’s activities with sick glee.

Ayla album rework

GREATEST SHOW UNEARTHED – CREATURE FEATURE – This song effect manifests as a Sentonal that takes the shape of a massive carnival of horrors.  It is one of the largest song effects known to exist, able to encompass more than three miles across with its bulk.  It is a complex and thinking being, and acts like a sort of fear vampire, feeding off the darkest fears of its current “occupants.”

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE – MARILYN MANSON – This song effect turns humans into dog-like, hoodie-wearing killer vagrants under Ayla’s control.  They must be forcibly exposed to the song in order to be turned, and this effect works even on non-Music Masters.  Extremely unique among Music Masters, this song effect remains on even when Ayla is not currently manifesting it.  Only she can choose to turn it off, at least as long as she lives.

HALL OF ILLUSIONS – INSANE CLOWN POSSE – This song effect creates a monstrous, clown Sentonal that fights with a massive broken beer bottle.  It can devour opponents whole and is terrifyingly strong, but has a weakness in its nose.  If punctured during combat, the Sentonal will explode into a cloud of black confetti, defeated.

I CAN’T DECIDE – SCISSOR SISTERS – This song effect creates a worm-like globule that can control a target’s motor functions with ghostly puppet strings.  It is directed my Ayla’s mind, and can move in the blink of an eye to seek out a target.  Only by interrupting her mental focus can this song be dispelled, and it is this very song effect that is responsible for the death of Seth Ramone, driving him into crashing his own car into a tree and killing himself.

DENNY GIRELLI – A newly recruited member of this current generation’s Pop 5: a “special forces” group of Music Masters who masquerade as music artists by day.  As tradition, Pop 5 members use popular music of the decade, whether resurgent or otherwise.  Denny is a bubbly and excitable girl, and has an extremely unhealthy obsession with deceased pop artist Michael Jackson.  Though she seems unassuming, she was personally recruited by Craven due to her impressive dancing skills and looks.  Assigned to find and kill Michael Kay, she falls madly in love with him upon their first meeting, due to uncanny resemblance to her idol.

Denny album rework

THRILLER – MICHAEL JACKSON – This song effect creates a monstrous undead werewolf in a tattered red jacket that lopes around on all fours.  He is completely loyal to Denny and will listen to any spoken commands.  While terrifyingly strong and easily capable of easily maiming human beings and other Sentonals, “Price”, as Denny has nicknamed him, often acts like a harmless puppy when around her.

SCREAMMICHAEL JACKSON – This song effect puts Denny in a new outfit, which mirrors that of Janet Jackson in the music video for the song Scream.  She loses all sense of emotion in this form, but gains the ability to unleash sonic screams of varying frequencies.  Some can annihilate concrete, while others can lull her enemies to sleep.

NATHAN ACKERMAN – One of the original three Music Masters recruited for Zero Beat’s long-standing super group, the Pop 5.  Brash and reckless, Nathan was recruited for his particular brand of “teen edge” that Zero Beat intended to exploit for record sales.  In reality, he has no musical talent and is anything but a team player.  Nathan thrives on rule-breaking and generally being a jerk, a fact that his fellow Pop 5 know all too well.  Truthfully, he simply stays in the group for the financial security and status it brings.

Nathan album rework

WHAT’S MY AGE AGAIN – BLINK-182 – This song effect allows Nathan to grow to giant size, capping at exactly forty feet. However, his clothes do not grow with him, shredding apart in the process and leaving him in giant-sized sneakers and boxers.  At this new height., Nathan is slow-witted and lacks reflexes but in return gains immense strength and durability.

ALL THE SMALL THINGS – BLINK-182 – This song effect creates a endless microphone-flail that Nathan can swing with destructive effectiveness.  It grows in accordance to his own chaotic emotions, and can vary between the size of a wrecking ball to the the minuscule size of a tennis ball.  Whatever size however, it is absolutely indestructible, and hits as hard as solid steel.

LILY STREOWSKY – One of the original three of the Pop 5. Incredibly vain but gifted with a great voice, she is somehow incredibly bothered by Denny’s mere presence.

Lily complete2

LOVEGAME – LADY GAGA – manifests as glowing pink dice that Lily can throw as explosive projectiles.

BORN THIS WAY – LADY GAGA – allows Lily to adapt to attacks and environmental situations. Her skin can become diamond against a laser, rubber against electricity, etc.

PAUL MERCURY – Second to last member recruited to the Pop 5. A Liverpool native brought over to America, he is quiet and reserved and secretly enamored with Denny.

Paul complete 2

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE – THE BEATLES – creates a star-dotted Sentonal that is a replica of Paul. It copies his every move, and is capable of distorting space around it and others.

PAPERBACK WRITER – THE BEATLES – creates a large, yellow-bound book that Paul can ride on. It can fly and maneuver under his mental control, but has no combat ability of its own.

OLLIE JAMEN – leader of this generation’s Pop 5. Ruthless and a skilled fighter, he has little patience for drama and prefers to answer his problems with action and force if necessary.

Ollie complete2

STRONGER – KANYE WEST – creates a purple aura around Ollie that grants him incredible strength, speed and durability.

GOLD DIGGER – KANYE WEST – creates a golden Sentonal in the shape of a beautiful female statue. It can morph its hands into golden pickaxes and thus is a deadly fighter.

SIRENIA ALTBERG – Older sister to Calvin Altberg, and the information person within the PureBeats.  Extremely intelligent and methodical, she is an infamous schemer and has never forgiven her grandfather from overlooking her for leadership in the PureBeats.  Unlike many Music Masters, she does not use songs due to her preference in music or their emotional significance, but rather sifts through them endlessly until she uncovers the most useful song effects.

Sirenia album rework

VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR – THE BUGGLES – This song effect creates two Sentonals with television static for skin.  Not particularly strong or durable, they nevertheless silently serve Sirenia as both fighters and her personal assistants.

ICE ICE BABY – VANILLA ICE – This song effect creates a huge gun-type weapon that can shoot forth icy paint capable of trapping opponents with deadly cold.  It is nearly impossible to break free from without the application of external heat.

PLASTIC LOVE (NIGHT TEMPO) – MARIYA TAKEUCHI – This song effect turns Sirenia’s hand into a rose-colored metal wonder. It can dilate and speed up time at a small focused spot, withering objects and promoting healing and growth at the same time.  Though incredibly powerful, it can only affect that which is within its tiny radius of influence.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME – TALKING HEADS – This song effect creates a tiny, suit-wearing cobra that, while easily destroyed, possesses the ability to suck out the chosen memories of any person it bites, Music Master or not.  Conversely, Sirenia can also transfer said memories back to a target, and can even exchange different memories and mix and match parts to create false ones.

IBERIUS ALTBERG – Calvin and Sirenia’s grandfather, retainer of the PureBeats. He is a kind but firm man, who favors the happiness of his grandchildren over the state of the Ensemble himself.

Iberius Altberg complete

DEJI AKIYAMA – Former member of the Asakawa Clan, and member of EMI Music’s branch of Zero Beat in Minato, Tokyo. Reserved and polite, he comes to Nami’s aid during a a dire hour of need.

Deji Akiyama complete

SWEET SOUL REVUE – PIZZICATO V – creates a pink, ghostly beatnik girl that has her own sentience and can possess human beings. She does not listen to Deji directly, but will do anything she can to try and protect him from harm. Incredibly unpredictable, she will kill opponents just as often as she’ll disable them.

NICODEMUS CRAVEN – leader of the Ensemble Cypress, and Fourth Beat over Zero Beat’s control of the Tri-State Area. Sick and depraved, he is particularly obsessed with Aeris Fairfield in more ways than one.

Nicodemus Craven complete

CHAPTER FOUR – AVENGED SEVENFOLD – creates black tentacles that siphon light itself for sustenance. They can grow in size and attack at Craven’s mental command.

RAINING BLOOD – SLAYER – summons a dark red rain cloud that can shoot down bloody weapons like lightning.

DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS – RICHARD CHEESE – turns Craven into a green-tinged, sickly being capable of breaking his own anatomy to his benefit.

DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS – DISTURBED – manifests a plague doctor-esque Sentonal armed with a ancient rifle and bayonet. The bayonet can pass on a deadly virus that can instantly crumble Sentonal and is only slightly slower at killing Music Masters.

PSYCHOSOCIAL – SLIPKNOT – gives Craven the ability to psychically influence people through psychic black “knots”. It is tied to his perception, specifically eyesight.

IMMORTAL – ADEMA – transforms into a horrid bird-man, a fusion with his own crow Scourge. He becomes fast, deadly, and immune to conventional damage through unholy regeneration.