The dawn of music is synonymous with the dawn of mankind.

But Music Masters have only existed since the beginning of the Classical period, when the tides of music shifted with such variance and such auditory violence so as to affect the fabric of the universe itself.

They are the true audio generation; people gifted with the ability to manifest superhuman powers and abilities from the sound of music.  All songs in creation can create a power, or song effect, as Music Masters call them, and each song effect is unique to each Music Master.

Many have often asked why the world at large is not aware of the existence of Music Masters. The nature of song effects comes in their auditory component, only visible to those who hear them. And only Music Masters, gifted with enhanced hearing that can separate multiple incoming sound waves like tracks on a demo tape, can hear song effects. Beyond seeing the aftermath of destruction and change they might cause, no normal human being has ever seen the true form of a song effect, and they never will. Thus, this has allowed Music Masters the secrecy to operate among themselves and in the underbelly of the music industry for almost three centuries.

But as music has evolved, so have Music Masters.  Now in the dawn of the 21st century, modern music players have made Harmonizing with songs a trivial matter.

How this will affect the landscape of music itself, and the unaware society of normal people within, only time will tell.